July 13, 2018

How to Become a Social Media Missionary

At BKM, we desire to reach as many people as we can with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Your prayers and financial support help us to accomplish our mission. Thank you. But we also want to support your efforts to witness to the lost and to encourage other believers. I hope you’ll partner with BKM to become a social media missionary.

Close to 70% of Americans use Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. That’s over 240 million people, and the number grows every day. God has deeply burdened my heart to use our resources on this virtual mission field. That’s where you come in.

As a subscriber to our email list, you get the BKM weekly devotional sent right to your inbox. By simply forwarding that email to a friend or family member, you step onto the mission field. We also release our weekly devotional on Facebook and Twitter. While the “likes” greatly encourage our team, you become a social media missionary by sharing those devotions with your friends and followers.

You can access our complete library of devotionals in two ways. First, you can share any of our written material directly from our website at  All of our devotionals, newsletter articles, and blogs are under the “Posts” tab. Our library of video content can be shared from the Bucky Kennedy Ministries YouTube channel. We’d love it if you’d subscribe there also. We have nearly 350 subscribers on our email list. Just think what could happen if each one of those shared our devotions and posts. The reach would be incredible!

We are always working to get better at what we do and to expand our content. Our team meets regularly to discuss what resources would be helpful to churches and to individual believers. Our goal is to offer quality material free of charge, so that anyone, anywhere can access it. I’m excited about the new projects that are currently in the works. Of course, our subscribers will be the first to hear about each one as it rolls out. All of this is only possible because of your support.

Some days, reading what’s posted on social media can be very disheartening, but we have an opportunity to share the good news of Jesus and to encourage the saints of God. Will you partner with BKM by becoming a social media missionary? Then consider this article as your commissioning!  Again, thank you for supporting BKM. We are deeply grateful.