January 10, 2018

Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Headed, and How You Can Help

Where We’ve Been

2017 was an amazing year for our ministry. In our first full year in operation we saw incredible growth and experienced God’s grace in more ways than we can recount. It was a year that set the stage for extraordinary things to come. Here are a few highlights:

  • Preached over 70 times in approximately 25 churches
  • Created a weekly online devotion via our website and Facebook
  • Built a new office/studio
  • Received donations from over 65 families
  • Developed a monthly newsletter
  • Increased our presence on multiple social media sites

There’s no doubt that none of these things would have happened without your prayers and support. Simply saying, “Thank you” cannot adequately convey the gratitude of my family and our BKM staff.


Where We’re Headed

The core of BKM continues to be preaching in local churches – anywhere and any size. Stacey and I didn’t know what to expect when I stepped away from pastoring and entered into full-time evangelism. It was a complete act of faith. Truthfully, I wasn’t exactly sure how often I would be invited to preach, but God is faithful and the 2018 calendar is already filling up. It feels as if we’re sitting on a launching pad for God to do even greater things this year. Here are some ways BKM is expanding in 2018:

  • We are taking two mission trips to Spain and one to Uganda.
  • BKM is scheduled to publish a book and a Bible study later this year.
  • We already have more bookings for marriage conferences and men’s conferences than in 2016 and 2017 combined; and the stage is set for beginning women’s conferences.
  • The new studio will allow us to expand our media ministry in several ways. There will be increased video content on our website and social media. Additionally, we’re set to launch our own online network, allowing churches and individuals to access Bible-based content on demand.

And these are just the things we know about in January! We’re excited to see what else God has in store as we step, by faith, into each new month.


How You Can Help

Here are some very practical ways you can help BKM this year:


  • Pray for God to continue providing opportunities for revivals and conferences in local churches.
  • Pray for our mission trips to Spain and Uganda; and for God to open doors for mission trips in other countries.
  • Pray for God’s hand of protection on me as I travel and on Stacey when I’m away from home.


  • Like our page on Facebook and other social media sites and then share the content we post. (Links to all our social media are at the bottom of this page.)
  • Sign-up for our monthly newsletter then forward it or post it for others to read.


  • Consider giving to BKM. We pledge to use your resources wisely and responsibly.
  • As a faith-based ministry we desire to see God work in any church that invites us, regardless of their size or their budget. Not all churches are capable of meeting our weekly budget needs. Your gifts allow us to encourage pastors and churches in rural areas who wouldn’t have access to the type of ministry we offer, otherwise.
  • You can sign up for a one-time gift or to become a monthly donor by clicking “Give” at the top of this page. We’ll send you a free BKM tee shirt when you sign-up for a recurring gift of at least $20 a month. Our budget goal for 2018 is $5,000 a month.

As I said at the outset, BKM exists because God is faithful. He uses the faithfulness and generosity of His people to bless this ministry. I pray that you’ll come along with us on this journey of faith in 2018 and watch God do remarkable things.