Bucky Kennedy entered the pastorate in 1983 and has devoted his life to ministry at the global, national, state and local levels. Having served in youth ministry and as a senior pastor, he has also participated in missions to Africa, Argentina, Bolivia, India, Iraq, Mexico and Panama. His involvement with the Southern Baptist Convention afforded him the opportunity to serve on numerous committees and as president of the Georgia Baptist Convention from 2008-2009.

In 2016, God led Bucky to step out of his role as senior pastor and serve the local church in a different capacity, and after much prayer and counsel, Bucky Kennedy Ministries was founded. Through this evangelical ministry, Bucky travels to churches and local organizations and participates in events, conferences and revivals.

Purpose Statement:

Igniting a passion for Jesus Christ.

Our Mission:

To be culturally engaged, biblically grounded, and eternally accountable. To partner with local churches to host biblically-based events designed to equip, encourage, and evangelize. To offer resources that show the love of Jesus to the lost, the life of Jesus to the saved, and the light of Jesus to our dark world.