April 5, 2021

Will You do Whatever He Says?

His mother said to the servants, ‘Whatever He says to you, do it.’John 2:5


Mary’s instructions were simple and straightforward. Her no nonsense approach to a problem produced amazing results; and still does today. This one statement is the key to abundant living. Keep in mind that biblical abundance isn’t about material gain. It describes a life overflowing with purpose, meaning, and spiritual blessing. Yet even many Christians believe this kind of life is only available to a select few. In truth, the pathway to the abundant Christian life is available to anyone.


The time and place of this conversation is significant. Before Jesus began His earthly ministry, He attended a wedding with His mother and disciples. Mary went to Jesus when the wine ran out, knowing He could meet the need. Notice that she didn’t tell Him how to meet the need but left it in His hands. She was approaching Him as the Savior rather than as her son.


While Mary knew who Jesus was, the servants did not. This would be the first of many miracles that spread His name throughout the region. Jesus could have met the need just by speaking a word but He chose to work through the actions of these servants. Instant and surrendered obedience was—and is—the pathway to abundance.


When our attitude is to do whatever the Lord says to do, the results will exceed our expectations. Jesus never asked how much wine was needed. He just used the pots that were available to produce a more excellent wine in abundance. Only Jesus could be credited with such an outcome and only God would be glorified by it. The greatest result, however, was that many believed on His name from this point forward.


If your desire is to live the abundant Christian life, then your attitude must be, “Whatever He says to you, do it.” But just because the directive is simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. First, you have to take your needs to Jesus and leave the results in His hands. Then listen carefully as He directs you through His Word and by His Spirit. That kind of surrendered obedience requires availability and humility. The result is a life overflowing with purpose, meaning, and spiritual blessing. As you give all the credit and glory to God, He can use you to bring many more to Him.