August 19, 2022

America—Another Fallen Empire?

Throughout history we see the rise and fall of world empires. Some even rose to the point of seeming invincibility. It’s only through hindsight that we clearly see why each of these great civilizations fell. With all that’s happening these days, it’s not hard to imagine the downfall of our nation as we’ve known it. Could America become just another fallen empire?


I don’t desire to see the country I love disappear or be destroyed. I’m grateful to have been born an American citizen. I feel like I grew up in the sweet spot of American life—born in the early sixties and graduating high school in the early eighties. Since then I’ve traveled to nearly a dozen countries, and nothing even begins to compare to the U.S.A. So then, what evidence of her downfall do I see?


Absent from Biblical Prophecy

I’m often asked if America is mentioned in Bible prophecy? The short answer is, “No.” And that’s the primary reason we know America doesn’t play a role in the end times. Revelation tells us that the Antichrist will have “authority over every tribe and people and tongue and nation(13:7-8). There can’t be a superpower when all the nations of the earth are under the authority of one man. So how do we get from where we are now to being part of a one world government?


Absence of Physical Borders

America cannot maintain her sovereignty as a nation without secure borders. Our southern border is effectively non-existent, with thousands coming into our country daily. The lack of a secured southern border is allowing drug cartels and human traffickers to enter without fear; and with the ability to make a lot of money. The invitation of the American dream has become the invasion of the American nightmare.


The increasing absence of physical borders is another reason I don’t think America will exist as is during the end of the age. We could easily become consumed by bordering nations, forcing a new trans-American alliance. That alliance could eventually become a region in the new world order.


Absence of Moral Boundaries

America’s moral boundaries are disappearing at a rapid pace. Rather, morality is being redefined. Although we’re a country founded on God’s promises, we’re being destroyed by human perversion. This not only erodes us from within, but creates a hostile environment for anyone who holds to biblical truth and godliness.


I have no idea what degree of persecution the church will endure before the rapture. But like others, I can see the IRS being weaponized to punish individuals, organizations, or businesses who refuse to comply with the LGBTQ+ agenda or with socialist governance. Think about it—what if the IRS had the power to freeze bank accounts and seize assets of those who oppose their agenda?


Absence of Believers

Christians have played a meaningful role in the formation and running of our nation; and continue to do so. That’s why the rapture of the church will have such a significant impact. In an instant, 20-30 million people will suddenly disappear from our country, joining millions more around the globe. As the world scrambles to make sense of what’s happening, all godly influence will be removed. And with the church gone there will be no resistance to the agenda of the new world order.


Can America be Saved?

Is America destined to become another fallen empire? I like Jeff Kinley’s answer, “I’m not sure that America as the country will or will not be saved in the end, but I do know that Americans can be saved.” It’s not a question of patriotism but of believing Scripture and living in faithfulness to Jesus Christ.


I don’t want America to fail but neither do I want her to succeed in a godless existence. That’s why understanding Bible prophecy is crucial. Those of us who believe in Christ today will be absent when the Antichrist comes to power. But many of our friends, neighbors, and family members will be here, unless we make an effort to tell them about Jesus today. And we must keep telling them until we see Him face-to-face.