January 3, 2022

Are You Filled with the Spirit All Week?

“And do not get drunk with winebut be filled with the Spirit.” Ephesians 5:18


The Holy Spirit is the most misunderstood person of the trinity. That’s because He is often trivialized, symbolized, or emotionalized in modern teaching. Consequently, even many church-goers misunderstand who He is and how He works. We tend to associate the Spirit with energetic and emotional worship on Sunday, but He works in the realm of faith—not feelings. So, what does it look like to be filled with the Spirit throughout the week?


First, the issue isn’t whether you have all of the Holy Spirit but whether He has all of you. While every believer has His abiding presence, not every believer has His presiding presence. When we follow the Spirit’s leading, He empowers us to live in a Christlike manner. It’s impossible to live as Jesus lived without yielding to this divine influence on our lives.


Think about the contrast in today’s verse. Even a little alcohol influences our thinking, which then affects what we say and do. When we’re full of any such substance we’re under its control. As followers of Jesus, everything we think, say, and do should be influenced by the Holy Spirit—so much so that we live under His divine control.


And when we’re filled with the Spirit, we walk in the Spirit (Romans 8:4-5; Galatians 5:16). That doesn’t mean we never sin but that we live with a heightened sensitivity to it. How? By paying attention to the Spirit’s voice, and responding when He points out personal sin. Even though our old nature still exists, it can only rule with our permission.


Is it evident that you’re filled with the Spirit throughout the week? Or have you given your old nature permission to be in charge? The devil isn’t concerned by Spirit-energized and emotional worship services. However, his plans are threatened when the enthusiasm of Sunday shows up in our lives Monday through Saturday. So if you have His presence, will you allow Him to preside each and every day?