October 6, 2023

Baptizing My Son

On August 20th I had the privilege of baptizing my son, Ivey, as my brother in Christ! He was visiting North Hall Church that day, which happened to be a baptism Sunday. At the end of every baptism service I always ask, “Is there anyone else?” There’s often a believer sitting there who’s either never been baptized or who had a real salvation experience after they were baptized. On this particular Sunday Ivey surprised me by coming to get his baptism on the right side of his salvation.


When he was younger, Ivey made a profession of faith and was baptized, but he was never really sure about his salvation. Then he got that nailed down and had a genuine salvation experience. I think a lot of people are in the same boat. They say the words of a prayer but their heart isn’t involved in it. So they just got wet, not biblically baptized. That’s not just Ivey’s testimony, but mine, my wife’s, and my daughter’s as well.


While baptism isn’t necessary for salvation, it is necessary for obedience. As it turns out, Ivey had really been wrestling with being obedient in this matter. The last time he visited my church was also a baptism day. The Holy Spirit was convicting him about it, but his wife, Allie, was sick that day. So he didn’t come forward, thinking she’d want to be there. Then when he got home and told Allie, she said, “you should have done it; you should have been obedient.”


So August 20th was the second time in a row he “just happened” to visit on a baptism Sunday. When I asked if there was anybody else he knew he had to be obedient and get baptized—blue jeans and all! Like I always say, “I’d rather drive home wet and right than dry and wrong!” It was a joyful and emotional day for my family, as well as our church family.


Has the Lord been dealing with you about being biblically baptized? Is your baptism on the right side of your salvation? Remember, baptism isn’t a Baptist idea; it’s a biblical truth. If you want more information on what the Bible says about baptism, I’m including links to my sermon, The Bible and Baptism. You can access it through the Bucky Kennedy Podcast or watch the video on our website or on our YouTube channel.