September 14, 2018

Georgia On My Mind

I love Georgia! And I’m not just talking about football. I love the people in Georgia. Over the years, God has brought people from across the state across my path. Many of those are in ministry, but many are desperately in need of being ministered to. While it’s true that I’ve got Georgia on my mind, she’s mostly on my heart.

That’s why I’m so excited when I look at my calendar. For the next seven weeks, I get to preach all over the state of Georgia. Many of those churches have dear old friends. Others will be first-time meetings. Some will bring their family and neighbors. Some, though, will come because they are searching for answers.

So, this fall, I’m asking you to join me. First, join me in having Georgia on your mind. Stop and think about those attending BKM revivals, conferences, and services. Then think about the people in your own circle. What challenges are they facing? What relationship do they have with the Lord?

Next, join me in having Georgia on your heart. Ask God to give you a burden for people. Ask how He wants to use you to reach our state with the Gospel. Start with those closest to you. Do your neighbors have a relationship with Jesus? Do they have a church home? Don’t be afraid to invite! Invite them to church with you. If an upcoming BKM event is within driving distance, invite them to go. Check out our calendar for directions and contact information for each host church.

Yes, I’ll always be a Georgia boy and I’ll always be a Bulldog fan. But it’s not enough to just have Georgia on our minds, we need to have her on our hearts. Together, we can win our state to Jesus Christ – one community at a time.