September 14, 2020

Giant Slayers are Confident in God’s Faithfulness

“The Lord who delivered me from the paw of the lion and from the paw of the bear, He will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine.” 1 Samuel 17:37


Faith is a spiritual muscle that grows stronger the more we use it. Each difficulty we face in God’s strength is a faith-building exercise. Remember though, faith is only as strong as the person in whom it is placed. Today’s passage teaches us that giant-slayers are confident in the God’s faithfulness.


Why was young David so sure he could defeat Goliath? Well, this was not the first time the Lord had delivered him from great peril. He had experienced similar victories over both a lion and a bear while watching his father’s flock (1 Samuel 17:33-36). Still, David’s confidence was not in his own abilities. It was obvious that the giant Philistine could overpower him, purely on a physical basis. But God doesn’t calculate in the natural realm. Having relied on the Lord’s power in private battles gave David confidence in God’s faithfulness for this public battle.


We, too, can draw strength by looking back at the Lord’s previous faithfulness. It’s important to note that God’s faithfulness is not measured by whether or not He acts according to our prayers. We usually ask Him to remove the challenge before we have to fully face it. The Lord could have kept the lion and the bear away from David’s flock, but then he wouldn’t have been prepared for this God-defying giant named Goliath.


God is faithful to walk beside us as we deal with each challenge. Relying on Him gives us strength, guidance, wisdom, and discernment. And, it exercises our faith for things to come. In what previous situation has God shown His faithfulness to you and to your family? How does looking back give you confidence to face today’s difficulty?


Each time you rely on God’s strength, you’re developing giant-slaying faith. Thinking that way should change how you pray. Rather than asking God to remove the problem, trust in His ability to handle it. Rest in His faithfulness. Today’s challenge belongs to the Lord; and so does the victory!