May 1, 2024

The Taylor Swift Issue

A lot of Christians are riled up about the lyrics on the new Taylor Swift album. I’ve read the lyrics, and they’re certainly disturbing. This album isn’t Christian friendly. In fact, it’s anti-Christian. So yes, let’s talk about the Taylor Swift issue, but let’s not stop there.


I always ask myself a few questions when it comes to music, movies, and entertainment in general. For instance, does this bring me closer to or further away from Christ? Would it cause me or someone else to stumble? Does it edify my flesh or my spirit? Does it promote holiness? Is it perverse? Does it promote things contrary to the Word of God?


Whether it’s Taylor Swift or anybody else, we need to consider the bigger picture. Christians today have gotten used to being entertained by sinful things. I think we struggle to desire Heaven because we can’t think of pleasure without sin. And that’s what Heaven will be—all pleasure and no sin. We can’t grasp what all that means because we don’t understand godly pleasure.


It’s not about whether someone can defend Taylor’s lyrics or any other entertainment choices. For believers, it’s about how our entertainment choices enhance our relationship with a holy God. The Bible says that I am righteous; that I am a child of God. But I have to examine the state of my fellowship with Him in light of what I watch, listen to, and read. Does it make me desire His presence or keep me from it? So, the Taylor Swift issue is about more than Taylor.