Gracious Me! is a six-session Bible study and video series, designed to help women answer the question, “Am I gracious?” Lea Eppling shares her personal desire to be a conduit of God’s grace rather than a grace hoarder. The first three weeks of the study help participants gain a basic understanding of how God is gracious with us. The last half focuses on what it means to be gracious in three specific areas – speaking, giving, and forgiving. Fill out the form below to order books and download the videos.


About Lea

Lea Eppling is passionate about studying Scripture, writing, and teaching women. She has served on staff at several churches, and currently works as the Ministry Coordinator for Bucky Kennedy Ministries (BKM), located in Gainesville, Georgia. Lea is married to David Eppling, who pastored for over 10 years before entering the field of Christian education. They have two young adult children, Abby and Andrew. Although Lea always sees her primary roles as wife and mother, she seizes opportunities to fulfill her ministry


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Gracious Me! Forward

When it comes to those who impart spiritual truths, there are two kinds of people. Allow me employ an analogy for each. First, there is the spiritual travel agent. This person makes recommendations based on her study of various destinations. No previous travel experience is required; just a working knowledge of the accommodations and routes to get there.

On the other hand, there is the spiritual tour guide. This person doesn’t just tell you how to get somewhere, she leads you down a path she’s already explored. She has experienced the journey, is familiar with the winding roads, and has discovered the best places to stop along the way. She has not only studied the route; she has traveled it personally. Lea Eppling is a spiritual tour guide.

Gracious Me is the product of the grace road Lea has traveled. It’s a practical itinerary for a trip she’s already taken—a trip she wants you to experience with her. And as you’ll see, receiving and giving grace is a lifelong journey. This is an adventure that does not end until we see the One whose merit has made this grace available. So, get ready. You’re about to be blessed on this trip!

Anthony George
Senior Associate Pastor
First Baptist Atlanta