February 14, 2020

Learning to Balance

It’s been a little over a month since starting my adventure as campus pastor at Truett McConnell University. Thank you for the encouraging texts, calls, and messages. Although I’m still learning to balance my BKM schedule with my new role at Truett, the work I’m doing in both arenas is very rewarding.


The students I’ve encountered at TMU are eager to learn and to serve in whatever capacity God has for them. As I walk around campus, it’s common to see groups gathered with open Bibles, discussing Scripture and praying for one another. Don’t get me wrong, these are still college kids. Like students on any campus, they’re learning the value of time management and how to develop study skills, all while joking around with their friends. Still, the culture at Truett McConnell is unashamedly Christian.


My BKM schedule remains very active. I’m still conducting weekend conferences and preaching one day revivals. Of course, I love to preach and always enjoy being in a pulpit on Sundays. Additionally, we continue to receive encouraging messages about our weekly podcast and devotionals. I’m in awe of how God continually grows this ministry.


The challenge is to create margin. Stacey and I enjoy time with our children and time with each other. And we love being grandparents! So, I’m also learning to balance both of my vocational roles with making time for rest and for family. If I’m not intentional, then it simply won’t happen – a lesson we can all benefit from.


I appreciate your prayers. Please pray specifically for God to give me physical energy and spiritual clarity. I want to equip and train students to live as soldiers for Christ; to encourage believers in their walk with Jesus; and to challenge churches to reach their communities with the Gospel.


Our nation’s need for revival is quite evident. That’s why I’m also extremely grateful for your continuing financial support of BKM. With your help, we’re communicating with more lost people than ever before. My goal, at both BKM and TMU, is to see people have a saving and transforming encounter with Jesus Christ.