February 15, 2019

Marriage Conference at FBC Villa Rica

Last weekend, Stacey and I had the privilege of leading a marriage conference at First Baptist Villa Rica, Georgia. We could tell that Pastor Kevin Williams and his staff had prepared and prayed for the weekend. Not only did they have over 300 in attendance, but four people prayed to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior! Now that’s what I call getting a marriage makeover.

It’s always exciting to watch couples flood the altar, praying for God to heal and restore their marriages. This weekend had the added thrill of watching men and women stand up from that altar as completely new people. One of those couples told us that coming to this conference was their last-ditch effort to save their marriage. God not only saved their marriage, He saved them! They both prayed to receive Christ on the first night of the conference. The wife later posted, “I don’t believe in coincidences or luck….I believe in God’s plan! His plan of restoration, healing, love, and miracles. This weekend has been all of that and more.” They were both baptized last Sunday.

If any couple understands that kind of transformation, we do. In 1998, Stacey came to the realization that she didn’t actually know Jesus, even though she was a pastor’s wife. Of course, her spiritual transformation also transformed our marriage. So, last year we created, The Search, a video detailing Stacey’s salvation story. We’ve been amazed at how God has used this video, including last weekend during the FBCVR marriage conference.

The goal of the Spreadsheets and Bedsheets marriage conference is to discuss two important topics in marriage – money and sex. We also know that Jesus is the foundation for those conversations. If one spouse doesn’t have a genuine relationship with Christ, then a couple often struggles to find common ground in either area. 

Thank you for supporting BKM. Because of your prayers and your resources, we get to serve Him in churches all over our state and region. And yes, God still saves, heals, and restores!