May 15, 2020

Post-Pandemic Life

It would be tragic for our nation to emerge in the same spiritual condition.

I’ve been asked several times what I think post-pandemic life will look like. I don’t think there’s a one-size-fits-all answer to that question. Many people desire to go back to normal life, while others anticipate a new normal. Either way, this virus will undoubtedly have a cultural, social, and financial impact on our future.


My biggest concern is the spiritual impact. It would be tragic for our nation to emerge in the same spiritual condition. Moving forward, we’re each responsible for how we approach life. So rather than focusing on the uncertainty of the future, I’m focusing on the one thing I know for certain: the coming of Jesus is imminent. Just think of the spiritual impact of living with a heightened sensitivity to that one fact. Here’s what I want my post-pandemic life to look like.


Live with spiritual understanding and awareness.

Ephesians 6:12 reminds us that our earthly struggles are not physical, but spiritual. Pastor Tony Evens said, “Everything visible and physical is preceded by the invisible and spiritual.” I want a greater awareness to the spiritual implications of earthly events. Understanding comes by evaluating the times in which I live through the truth of Scripture and the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit.


Jesus challenged His followers to watch for the signs of His coming. Well, Matthew 24 tells us that the world will get darker and deadlier as we draw closer to His return. There’s no doubt that the growing darkness is accelerating. And it’s not hard to imagine how the ripple effects of the pandemic could fit end time prophecy. These spiritual implications propel me to live as if I’ll meet Jesus face-to-face before each day is over.


Live with a sense of spiritual urgency.

Living with spiritual understanding and awareness creates spiritual urgency. Urgency is not driven by the panic and chaos of the world, but by an earnest desire to tell others about God’s love and forgiveness. It’s setting aside my personal agenda in order to warn those who are in danger of eternal agony in hell. To live otherwise is a sign of having a hard heart and being in rebellion to the One I profess to love and serve.


Living with spiritual urgency requires growing in both grace and truth. The truth of God’s Word strengthens my mind and His grace strengthens my heart. Truth enlightens me to discern the times, defend the faith, and declare hope to the lost. God’s grace empowers me to live out the life and love of Christ dwelling within me.


Live with an eternal mindset.

I want to live more in the anticipation of going home than in the anxiety of leaving it. According to Hebrews 11:24-27, this is how Moses lived. He gave up the passing pleasures of sin and the treasures of Egypt because he looked to a greater reward. He lived “as seeing Him who is unseen.”


I want to trust the One who possesses me rather than trusting in what I possess. Holding tightly to anything temporal only serves to increase anxiety. I can live in the truth that Jesus is my treasure. Because this earth is not my home, it’s also not my hope. As a result, I can release my grip on earthly things.


So, no. I don’t want to go back to normal life. I want to approach my post-pandemic life with greater spiritual awareness. I want to live each day with urgency and with an eternal mindset. If I focus on the spiritual impact, then I’ll be better equipped to handle the cultural, social, and financial impact.