September 9, 2022

Progressive Ideas, Regressive Behavior

The goal of progressive thinking is right there in the name—to make progress. But I believe there’s ample proof that progressive ideas are actually causing us to regress as a society. The problem is not hard to see. The goal of progressive thought is to reverse traditional thinking. So, laws and societal convention that stem from Judeo-Christian teaching are being converted to a more secular way of thinking.


Our technology may be the most modern; our clothes, cars, and houses may be the most fashionable; and our universities may be the most intellectual, but the more secular we become the less civilized we behave. And in some cases, it’s downright barbaric.


The Indisputable Proof

The homeless crisis is exploding, taking over streets in some of our most populated areas. Progressive cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Portland have a rapidly growing problem. If the mainstream media was vigilant, they would be overwhelmed just reporting the abuse, addiction, and violence produced from these hopeless communities. Some of the pictures I’ve seen make third world countries look relatively civilized.


Then there’s the increasing violence. We’ve all seen videos of unprovoked attacks on the streets of New York. Murders are up in Los Angeles and Atlanta. In Chicago alone, over 1,900 people were shot in the first seven months of this year; and 379 people were murdered. All these cities are rife with progressive thinking.


But nothing shows the deterioration of a culture like the treatment of their children. America’s history of assaulting the unborn is well documented. The number of children we’ve killed in the womb is more than ten times that of Jews killed in the Holocaust. Yet, progressives are more concerned about a woman’s access to abortion “care” than the barbaric violence inflicted upon an innocent unborn child.


Now, progressives have sanctioned child mutilation and sterilization in the name of gender dysphoria. They believe that children can make the decision to pursue life-altering treatments and surgeries; and do so without their parents’ consent. They ignore scientific data showing that among kids who struggle with gender dysphoria, the vast majority will reconcile with their biological sex if they are simply allowed to go through puberty.


A Faulty Profession

Progressive ideas are definitely causing our society to regress. So, why can’t really smart people see this reality? It has nothing to do with intelligence and everything to do with wisdom. Romans 1 describes the consequences of rejecting God and His Word. “Professing to be wise, they became fools” (Romans 1:22). Progressive ideas, at their core, oppose God and godly wisdom. That’s why so many things make so little sense these days. Any knowledge not rooted in godly truth will lead to faulty conclusions. But “the foolishness of God is wiser than men” (1 Corinthians 1:25).