May 10, 2019

What’s Coming from BKM

Our desire at BKM is to use every means possible to reach the lost with the Gospel and to encourage believers in their faith. That’s why we’ve worked to increase our social media presence with solid content and to build a strong multi-media ministry. Still, our staff is working on additional resources. Here’s a quick preview of what’s coming from BKM.

We plan to release a new podcast this summer. It is aptly named, The Bucky Kennedy Podcast. Our goal is to address cultural topics through the lens of Scripture. Sometimes Bucky will interview a guest who has insights or experience in a particular area. But most of the time it will just be Bucky doing what he does best – cutting through the clutter and getting to the heart of current issues. 

We’re also launching BKM Resources with our first publication, Gracious Me! Exploring God’s grace and what it means to be gracious. The video teaching sessions for this six-week women’s Bible study were recently shot at a beautiful venue here in the North Georgia mountains. 

This Bible study introduces our new ministry specifically for women. We’re working on plans for women’s conferences and special events. You can contact us here for more information on hosting a BKM women’s event or to order Bible study books and videos. Or, you can email us through the icon at the bottom of the newsletter.

We’re also excited about broadening the media content on our website. Our devotional podcast, Unchanged, is currently available under the Media tab. This section of the website is expanding to include our library of videos, as well as the new Bucky Kennedy Podcast. We hope you’ll go ahead and subscribe to Unchanged and to our YouTube channel. Then, consider sharing the content with your followers and friends.  

As we finalize the plans above, will you commit to praying for our ministry? We feel a sense of urgency to reach people for Jesus Christ. Today’s technology offers so many options, and at BKM we want to use every means possible. Your support makes it possible to develop new resources and to find new avenues for sharing the Gospel. You can follow our progress by checking our website frequently and by staying in touch with our various social media. And of course, we’ll announce the release of each resource in our monthly newsletter.