BKM is excited to introduce our ministry for women. We understand that women are busier than ever before. Trying to juggle responsibilities at home, work, and church can often be more draining than fulfilling. So our goal is to help women understand life-changing principles from God’s Word that can be applied to everyday life. We also believe that studying the Bible together leads to having more meaningful relationships with one another.

Our women’s ministry is headed up by Lea Eppling, who is also BKM’s Ministry Coordinator. Lea is a writer, editor, and women’s speaker. She’s the author of our first Bible study, Gracious Me! Exploring God’s grace and what it means to be gracious.

BKM partners with other women’s speakers, writers, and Bible teachers to create a wide variety of events for the ladies in your church and community. Our women’s events include:

  • Original Bible study books and videos
  • Weekend retreats and conferences
  • Special event speakers
  • Music for conferences or special events
  • Training:
    • How to study the Bible more effectively
    • How to facilitate a great group discussion
    • Studying the Bible to teach