December 10, 2019

2020 Brings Change and Growth to BKM

2020 Brings change and growth to BKM with BKM logo and white boarded background

When the Lord prompted me to start Bucky Kennedy Ministries, I felt somewhat like Abraham – going without a lot of knowing! The last three years have been an amazing journey of faith. In that time BKM has conducted over 100 revivals, conferences, and speaking engagements; posted a weekly devotion; published a monthly newsletter; produced a short film; hosted mission trips to Spain and Uganda; published a Bible study; produced two weekly podcasts; launched the BKM app; and engaged thousands on social media. This journey of faith continues as 2020 brings change and growth to BKM.



The Baptist Collegiate Ministries of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board has asked me to serve as Campus Pastor at Truett-McConnell University. This exciting opportunity is too great to pass up. I’ve spent a lot of time on TMU’s campus since returning to north Georgia. Not only have I served as a TMU trustee; but BKM has partnered with the school on several occasions. I’ve preached their Spiritual Emphasis Week twice and spent a year working with their Christian Studies students.


I’m confident that the administration, faculty, and staff of TMU share my burden for the next generation. TMU President, Dr. Emir Caner, challenges students to be defenders of the faith and world changers for Jesus Christ. I’m grateful to him for the opportunity to engage these students and to pastor this campus. I’m also grateful to GBMB Executive Director, Thomas Hammond, for asking me to promote the cause of Christian education in our state.


Of course, these new responsibilities call for change in how I schedule and use my time. BKM will continue ministry in four main areas: speaking, writing, podcasting, and social media. By spring, we will streamline speaking engagements to weekend conferences and one-day Sunday events; as I devote my weekdays to TMU. At the same time, BKM will continue to grow in 2020.



Our philosophy of ministry is to use every means possible to share the Gospel and to equip and encourage believers. In 2020, we will focus in on our strengths in order to grow in those areas. First, preaching is the bedrock of BKM. I welcome every opportunity to be in a pulpit on Sunday mornings and will schedule as many as I possibly can.


Our growth regarding speaking engagements will focus on expanding weekend conferences for couples, men, and leadership development. And, we’re launching conferences for women through our new women’s ministry. Please pray as we look into hosting area-wide conferences to serve larger groups and associations.


Another foundation to BKM is our ministry through writing. Over 700 subscribers now receive our weekly devotions, monthly newsletter, and blog. Additionally, the devotions and blog are essential to our social media strategy. In 2019, we launched BKM Resources with our first Bible study, Gracious Me!  BKM Resources will grow in 2020, as we have several publications in the works. Our first devotion book is well on its way. Stay tuned for that release date. 


BKM is also committed to putting biblically sound resources in as many hands as possible. That’s why we’re growing our digital and social media presence. And while we’re cutting back on video production, we’re just ramping up on the Bucky Kennedy Podcast and the BKM app.


Your Support

Thank you for supporting this ministry. We would not have come this far without your prayers, encouragement, and generosity. Please pray for me, my family, and the BKM staff as I balance my new schedule and responsibilities with our growing ministry. For those of you who give to BKM, I humbly ask for your continued financial support in this year of change and growth.


As you can tell, BKM is not slowing down. This new door of opportunity is simply building on what God has done over the last three years. My sense of urgency to equip God’s people is matched by my tremendous burden for the next generation. These students can spark revival in our churches and in our country, which is exactly why I started BKM.