October 14, 2022

Changing Beliefs About the Holy Spirit

Many Americans who identify as Christians say they don’t believe in a literal Holy Spirit. The Cultural Research Center of Arizona Christian University found that “62% of self-identified Christians contend that the Holy Spirit is not a real, living being but merely a symbol of God’s power, presence, or purity.” Well, that explains a lot! No wonder so many churches are lifeless, dying, or shutting down altogether.


The strongest churches are not necessarily ones with the most present in the pews, but those in which the nature of Christ is most evident in its people. Our beliefs about the Holy Spirit are crucial because the key to a Spirit-filled church is Spirit-filled believers.


Denying the Holy Spirit Denies His Power

Denying the existence of the Holy Spirit kills the life of a church. He is essential to the Church’s ability to be the bride of Christ and to do the work of the body of Christ. Why? Because He is our power source. Every expectation that Jesus has for believers and for His Church can only be accomplished through the Spirit’s power.


Denying the Holy Spirit Denies the Bible

This error of belief also denies the promise of Jesus to send, “another Helper” who “abides with you and will be in you” (John 14:16–17). So, our beliefs about the Holy Spirit should come straight from Jesus. And if the teaching of Jesus is called into question, then so is the Bible as a whole.


The relevance of any church is not in its programs but in its teaching of the Bible. I’m not talking about a book that’s referenced on Sunday morning. I’m talking about the infallible, inerrant, authoritative, and all-sufficient Word of God. Scripture not only informs us about the nature of Christ, it equips us to manifest His character in our own lives each day.


Embracing the Work of the Spirit

The Holy Spirit and the Word of God always work in collaboration and cooperation with one another. When God’s people embrace both God’s Spirit and God’s Word, we want to gather, to serve, and to reach. And when we gather, we encourage one another and stimulate each other to love and good works. So, your beliefs about the Holy Spirit aren’t just a doctrinal matter—they are extremely practical.


That’s why the devil fears a church full of Spirt-filled, Bible-believing Christians. They have discernment to recognize his work of deception, which is so prevalent today. As a result, these Christians can equip other believers with truth; removing the fear and panic caused by a confused culture. That kind of church is a mighty force in the hand of God.