February 22, 2021

Developing Spiritual Eyesight

“Open my eyes, that I may behold wonderful things from Your law.” Psalm 119:18


One of the main reasons people give for not reading the Bible is not understanding it. This, however, is not a valid reason for followers of Christ. God gives us everything we need to grasp deep spiritual truths. But developing spiritual eyesight is not something we can do on our own. That’s why the first step to studying God’s Word is prayer.


We get this backwards more times than not. We read a verse or two then rattle off our prayer requests. Falling into this pattern completely misses how God might speak into our current situation through His Word. When we open Scripture, we need to humbly admit that we need the Spirit’s help.


It’s this combination of the Word and the Spirit that offers practical assistance for everyday life. The Holy Spirit is our teacher (John 14:26) and our guide (John 16:13). As we learn to rely on Him, the words we couldn’t grasp on our own become foundational truths for our thoughts and decisions.  


You see, God’s Word isn’t a book of inspirational quotes to start our day; it’s a roadmap for life. The psalmist needed spiritual eyesight because the world didn’t make sense. “I am a stranger in the earth” (v19). He needed practical counsel for a difficult situation. “Even though princes sit and talk against me, Your servant meditates on Your statutes. Your testimonies also are my delight; They are my counselors” (vv23-24). Perhaps most importantly, the psalmist prayed for God to open his understanding of Scripture so he could obey it (vv17, 19-22).


We’re no different today. We need a map to guide us through all the nonsensical events of our day. We desperately need the Lord’s counsel as we face circumstances beyond our control. The key is to be obedient to what God shows us.


The Bible is so complex that theologians dedicate their lives to studying it. Yet, God promises that any of us can understand its deepest spiritual truths. Do you want a greater understanding of God’s Word for use in everyday life? Developing spiritual eyesight starts by making prayer a priority. When you open the Bible, ask God to open your eyes and then anticipate the Spirit’s help.