January 15, 2021

Resources for Maintaining a Biblical Worldview

We often emphasize the importance of reading and studying the Bible. This month’s article, “A Biblical Perspective on Changing Culture” is the perfect example of why it’s vital. In order to maintain a biblical worldview, believers need to be in God’s Word daily. So, we wanted to provide a list of resources, including what we use in our own lives. Our prayer is that it will help you have a consistent time with God in 2021.


Devotion Books

My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers is the best-selling devotional of all time. Its timeless principles cut to the core of what it means to follow Jesus Christ. Many hardcore Utmost fans only read the original version, published in 1935. However, in 1992, James Reimann edited this enduring classic with updated language. Both are available in book form or through a free online subscription.


With the Word by Warren Wiersbe is a devotional commentary, covering every chapter of the Bible. Wiersbe has long been a favorite commentary author for many pastors, as well as a respected seminary professor. His devotional writing focuses on spiritual essentials, drawing from his vast knowledge of Scripture. While the reading for each day is relatively short, it’s spot on!


We cannot discuss devotion books without mentioning our own. Unchanging Truth 90-Day Devotional is a compilation of the weekly devotions from our website and app. Each devotion is designed to encourage a closer walk with Jesus, helping the reader live for Him in everyday life.


Of course, we love just reading through the Bible one book at time, and a good study Bible is always helpful. Bucky recommends The Vines Expository Bible: A Guided Journey Through the Scriptures with Pastor Jerry Vines.


Online Resources

Dr. Tony Evans is a reliable voice in evangelical Christianity. You can subscribe to his daily devotional, “Alternative View.” Other great books and resources are available on his website.


When it comes to maintaining a biblical worldview in current culture, Family Research Council offers solid insights. Go to for information on their radio program, brochures, and books.