February 13, 2024

Stacey is Retired!

December 15th was officially Stacey’s last day as a teacher. Most of her 35-year career was spent in special education helping struggling students to succeed. For Stacey, this job was a calling as much as it was a career. I’ve seen evidence of this in the care she gave her students and the love she showed to her fellow educators. She spent many evenings writing IEPs, preparing gifts for teachers, and planning parties or school activities. Stacey did all this while being an exceptional wife, mother, and grandmother.


With another grandchild on the way, she can now be “Gracey” to the max! She’ll gladly be available to care for our three grandchildren and play with them as much as needed. And she’s the best pastor’s wife I could ever imagine. She’s gone with me to hospitals and funeral homes; she’s counseled ladies through difficult times, and stepped out of her comfort zone to share her testimony or help me with a marriage conference.


I’m looking forward to her being freed up to travel, have a lunch date, or just to relax a little together. Of course, if you know Stacey, you know that she’ll have a project or two on-going while also being her dad’s assistant farmhand. I couldn’t be more proud to call Stacey my wife. Our family is incredibly blessed to have her in our lives.