November 13, 2020

The Rise of So-Called Churches

Something has become painfully but particularly clear in recent days. We’re witnessing the rise of so-called churches under the influence of so-called Christians. What do I mean? Well, the apostle Paul describes the so-called brother” as one who professes to follow Christ, yet displays no clear distinction in attitude or behavior from unbelievers (1 Corinthians 5:11). I couldn’t help but notice similar patterns of thought throughout this election cycle.


Tone Over Truth

I’ve talked with several professing Christians who voted for a more likeable personality rather than policy. It’s crazy to hear people profess faith in Christ while voting for someone who promotes abortion and defends sexual perversion. How can a believer put scriptural conviction aside just because one candidate seems nicer? Still, so-called Christians choose tone over truth because it makes them feel better.


They gather in so-called churches, where no one is held accountable to biblical truth, especially regarding moral behavior (1 Corinthians 6:9-10). Churches that refuse to speak to these issues are complicit in deceiving people who cling to Heaven while living like hell. The eternal ramifications are real. Millions of souls are at risk. While knowing how much God loves us is a wonderful truth, we must also understand what it means to love God and live in truth.


Culture Above Scripture

The main problem is viewing Scripture through the lens of culture instead of the other way around. By inverting the lens they inevitably pervert the view. So rather than seeking to please God they become people pleasers, disregarding scriptural reasoning. Consequently, these so-called churches teach self-improvement instead of preaching repentance and personal holiness.


Some professing Christians are willing to accept anti-scriptural political policy because our present culture demands it. They’re focusing on the here and now. But by prioritizing the temporal they jeopardize the eternal. Viewing ourselves and our nation through the lens of God’s Word changes everything. We learn that our identity is not in social or political affiliation but in Christ alone. Having an eternal viewpoint always affects our electoral viewpoint.


Darkness Versus Light

The light of authentic faith exposes counterfeit faith. So, believers need to be prepared because the world loves darkness and sees light as disruptive and incriminating. In the days ahead, there will be a clearer distinction between true believers and so-called Christians. People walking in the light of Jesus will be noticeably different from people simply trying to co-exist with the darkness.


So-called churches will increase, preaching unity and acceptance without calling evil and immoral actions what they are—sin. Genuine followers of Jesus Christ should be salt and light in a tasteless and dark world, regardless of the cultural and political climate. Just remember that we’re on a rescue mission for Christ, not a public relations campaign for Christianity. Millions of people are heading for eternity without God. How we choose to speak and live in the coming days can draw many of them to Jesus. And as we do so together, we fulfill the ministry of the true church.