October 28, 2022

When Government Plays God

Who should be responsible for creating “meaningful change” in our nation? Americans are twice as likely to say it’s government’s responsibility than to say it’s the responsibility of Christian churches, according to a new Barna survey. The implications of this survey should be of great concern to born-again, Bible-believing, followers of Christ. Why? Because government has replaced the role of God in the minds of the masses. And there are always consequences when government plays God.


Truth and Political Preference

Anytime a false god is put in God’s place, truth is the first thing to go. What’s considered true or false, right or wrong becomes relative to political preference. I’m not just talking about moral truth. Remember, all truth is God’s truth. When government is allowed to assume the role of God, people govern from their political party’s viewpoint. So, whichever political party is in charge determines the so-called truth.


The consequences of rejecting the truth of divine revelation can be devastating. We’ve seen this for decades with the issue of abortion, and now with gender dysphoria and transgenderism. Leaders are denying biological truth in order to promote their political agenda.


In order to change the direction of the nation, you have to change which party is in power. This inevitably leads to escalating conflict because when defining truth becomes the job of the politically elite, they go to any means to stay in power.


Church and Cultural Relevance

Many churches are complying with the progressive agenda. Their goal, it seems, is to remain culturally relevant. But the Church will never bring meaningful change to anyone by offering the same thing the world offers, just with a little spiritual spin. We aren’t here to suggest a better way to live on Earth but to share the only way to eternal life.


Other churches are just staying quiet. They mistakenly think the Bible doesn’t speak to the issues in the news these days. For me, stating biblical truth regarding the sanctity of life, the biblical definition of marriage, and the biological reality of birth is not about political activism. I’m trying to equip my congregation with biblical answers to issues the proponents of godless secularism are constantly promoting.


The true Church, the bride of Christ, is not in danger of being replaced. She has thrived through the persecution of the power hungry before. The Church’s power isn’t in the number of people sitting in the pews but in the person of Jesus. If the masses no longer see church as an agent of meaningful change, it’s because we’ve forgotten where our relevance is found. The distinction we possess is solely due to our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.


Trust and Personal Allegiance

My greatest allegiance is to the King and Creator of the universe. When government plays God, it starts by denying and defying Him. My hope and trust is not with any political party, regardless of who is leading it. And I certainly refuse to trust anyone who denies the truth of Scripture, science, and common sense. If we want to make a difference, then we must press into the distinction we have in Christ. He brings more than meaningful change; He brings complete transformation.