November 15, 2019

Developing Spiritual Leadership

Regardless of your personality or background, the Lord can use you to carry out His mission. You just have to be available.

When we talk about spiritual leaders, we tend to think of pastors. However, developing spiritual leadership among members is essential to the effectiveness of a church. There are hundreds of books on leadership. And for the most part, these books are helpful tools for Christian leaders. But remember, the church is a body and not a board. So, developing spiritual leadership takes more than learning to strategize, motivate, and achieve goals.


Henry Blackaby’s book on spiritual leadership is a classic. He writes, “The spiritual leader’s task is to move people from where they are to where God wants them to be.” That’s a big undertaking, especially when left solely to the pastor. Some pastors carry a heavier burden than necessary by not developing spiritual leaders within their churches. It’s my privilege to help with this task through leadership conferences.


Spiritual leaders are not…

When conducting a leadership conference, I want participants to understand that spiritual leaders aren’t necessarily qualified by their personality, popularity, or secular success. After all, Jesus didn’t go to the movers and shakers when He called His disciples.


Jesus’ leadership team included uneducated fishermen, a hated tax collector, and a small-town doctor. Of course, Jesus can certainly use the scholar and the wealthy businessman. The Apostle Paul was very well educated. However, since God looks beyond the surface, so should we.


Spiritual leaders are…

Jesus is still drawn to those who are humble and teachable, with a desire to please the Father. He can use people who seek God’s will in order to pursue God’s agenda. Recognizing their accountability to God, these men and women depend upon the Holy Spirit’s guidance.


When developing spiritual leadership, it’s crucial to look for people of strong character. Many such people often serve quietly in the background. Just think, we know very little about disciples such as Nathanael, Philip, and James. Yet, Jesus developed them to be spiritual leaders in the early church.


But also keep in mind that even Jesus’ disciples had feet of clay. Jesus knew that Thomas would doubt and that Peter would deny Him. Praise the Lord that He still uses flawed people to reach the lost and to lead His Church! Only He can accomplish such a great work. Effective spiritual leaders simply make themselves available.


Partnering together…

The need for spiritual leadership has never been greater. That’s why BKM partners with churches in developing spiritual leadership. Regardless of your personality or background, the Lord can use you to carry out His mission. You just have to be available. Learn more about hosting a BKM Leadership Development Conference here.