August 27, 2021

Why Should Christians Care if the President Lies?

Like so many Americans, I’ve been horrified by the events taking place in Afghanistan. The images are heartbreaking. President Biden recently stood before the American people to defend his decisions regarding Afghanistan while lying about the conditions there. Many of the president’s claims were quickly contradicted by the Pentagon and the State Department; not to mention real time reports from those on the ground.


His words were not political spin with a subtle wink of the eye. He repeatedly lied about what we were seeing with our own eyes. Sadly, a politician lying to the public is not news. Taking liberty with the truth seems to be standard operating procedure in our nation’s capital. So, why should Christians care if the president lies?


The Biblical Argument

First, the president’s actions matter biblically. Anyone who practices lying is displaying the nature of “the father of lies” (John 8:44). But because Hollywood portrays the devil with dark and vulgar images, we often don’t recognize blatant demonic work. Satan is beautiful, with an angelic voice and a powerful ability to deceive.


This president is defending a poor decision with one deception after another—and everyone knows it! Even news outlets that tend to favor liberal causes cannot ignore his obvious intent to mislead the public. Christians should hold elected officials accountable to truth, regardless of whether we agree or disagree with their political agenda.


The Practical Argument

Secondly, our president’s actions matter practically. The same leaders who are telling lies about Afghanistan are also in control of our borders, health care, education, etc. If this administration will blatantly lie about what’s happening before our eyes, then what else are they willing to lie about? As the New York Post put it, “if he can’t come clean with the public on this, how can anyone trust him on anything?”


They say, “Follow the science!” regarding COVID, then deny science when it comes to gender—specifically, that there are only two. They protect abortion by promoting, “My body, my choice” but want to remove personal choice with COVID mandates. In other words, they say whatever they need to say in order to push their agenda. In their minds, the ends justify the means.


Fighting Deception with Discernment

Christians should care about all forms of dishonesty because we are proclaimers and guardians of truth. Just keep in mind that fighting deception requires godly discernment. Mature Christians “have their senses trained to discern good and evil” (Hebrews 5:14). Unfortunately, few churches still challenge believers to pursue spiritual maturity.


If a so-called sermon just gives “five easy steps to a happier life,” then people will remain in spiritual infancy year after year. And the result? Those believers can be easily deceived by slick politicians and false preachers because they discern poorly. Deception is given free reign when the Church is silent. So, yes! Christians should care if the president lies. And I cannot sit out on the argument when truth is hanging in the balance.